What are Physical Symptoms?

When you experience symptoms in your body, it is your body’s way of asking you to pay attention. Symptoms are a way for your body to communicate to your brain that something is not quite right and should be looked into further. There are a lot of symptoms like frequent headaches, sore joints by the end of the day, back pain after work, etc. that has become normalized in our society; this is a disservice, however, to us as individuals as symptoms are not normal and can be gotten rid of with the proper approach and care.

A key factor to note when talking about symptoms is that they do not just come out of nowhere. Not only do they appear for a reason, but they are generally due to a build-up of events known as stressors. You may have had the problem causing your symptoms for a long time but only now find yourself actually experiencing the pain or discomfort. This is similar to an alarm going off; if you consider a fire alarm, it does not go off when you light a candle, for example. It has a limit of smoke it can handle before it gets set off. Similarly, your body may not alert you to something right away until it gets to a certain point where the alarm does go off. This is a call to action; it’s your body’s way of saying, “Hey, we can’t do this anymore. Something needs to change”. So while symptoms can be really quite unpleasant to deal with, in a way they are a gift in that they give us an opportunity to re-evaluate some of our habits or ways of caring for ourselves and make beneficial improvements.

Your Body is Talking, It’s Time to Listen

So you have observed some symptoms in your body, now what? The next step to identify what is going on and how it can be best helped is by visiting your local chiropractic clinic. A chiropractor is uniquely equipped to get to the root cause of the pain and discomfort you’re experiencing. The interesting thing about symptoms is that there is always more going on that you wouldn’t think of necessarily. For example, things like headaches or knee pain are not just headaches or knee pain, they are often a sign of something going on with your spine. Chiropractors are trained to look at the whole body, particularly the spine. They can see if there are interferences happening between the brain and body communication system. 

The Proof is in the Pudding

Studies show that chiropractic care proves highly beneficial for treating migraines, cervicogenic headaches, low back pain and more. Additionally, 41 randomized controlled trials showed evidence to support that chiropractic care improves outcomes for the treatment of both acute and chronic neck pain. In my practice, new patients will come in and, after a few visits, be shocked by how good they feel. 

If you are experiencing symptoms that are holding you back, you don’t have to continue to suffer! Santé Chiropractic and Wellness Centre has been serving the community of east Ottawa / Orléans for over 25 years. Call or book your appointment online so we can work together to help your body help itself! 


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