Do you suffer from sharp pains every time you bend? Back pain of this nature is often the result of a herniated disc or “pinched” nerve: both caused by preventable spinal disc problems.spinal-disc-problems

Common Spinal Disc Problems 

Our spinal discs are filled with fluid. The discs’ job is to provide spinal flexibility and shock-absorption, every time you move. However, when stress locks the spine in the wrong position, discs lose their flexibility and become dry, leading to the development of tiny rips.

Disc herniation is the result of a disc’s fluid leaking through these rips. As a result:

1. The disc becomes thin and vertebrae start rubbing together.
2. The fluid presses onto the nerve, and pain ensues (often referred to as a “pinched nerve”)

Common causes of disc herniation and pinched nerves include:

• Body position (like constantly leaning on elbows, or habitually crossing legs)
• Poor posture
• Injury

When a pinched nerve is caused by a minor injury from lifting something heavy or twisting the wrong way, pain will likely only last for a few days before healing. However, if the pain and symptoms last longer than a few days, or seem to worsen, that could be an indication that the pain is caused by a spine condition.

What’s the Solution for Common Spinal Disc Problems?

Before considering drugs or surgery, a chiropractor can help. Chiropractic correction of spinal imbalances RESTORES motion to the spine and the disc; pain can be relieved and surgery often avoided.

Drugs or surgery cannot replace chiropractic, because spinal discs depend entirely upon spinal motion to receive the fluid they need.

Chiropractors know you deserve more than temporary relief. They correct the cause, so you can experience lasting relief and live the life you want.

At Sante Chiropractic and Wellness Centre we have state of the art technology that allows us to “see” if there is any interference in the spinal column, called a subluxation.  If you suffer from a pinched nerve or disc herniation book an appointment today.