Is prioritizing your health on your list of new years’ resolutions this year? If you’re ready to kick your health up a notch, why not start with your posture! Posture is often a forgotten aspect of our health, but it is so important to have it in check. Poor posture can lead to an array of health problems such as chronic headaches, neck pain, and even breathing issues. (1) 

Did you know that good posture can help improve your mood, be more resilient, and increase your self-confidence? (2) Practicing good posture habits will help you make 2022 your best year yet so it’s time to ditch these 5 poor posture habits for good!

Poor Habit #1: Looking Down at Your Phone to Text/Scroll


Although it may seem harmless, constantly looking down at your mobile device can put a serious strain on your neck. Anterior Head Syndrome, or “Text Neck”, is becoming an increasingly large issue amongst smartphone users as time spent on our mobile devices has significantly increased. Text neck can be harmful to one’s health because the cervical spine supports the weight of the head, which weighs between ten to fourteen pounds—about the same as a large bowling ball. Now, imagine holding a bowling ball in one hand and extending your arm outwards. Your arm could only remain straight for so long, eventually, your muscles would give out and you’d drop the ball. Generally speaking, the same is happening with our neck muscles. When the head is held in a forward position stress is put on the neck and the rest of the spine. Read our blog to learn more about the health impacts of text neck here

Better Habit Action Plan:

  1. Devise a plan to spend less time looking down at your smartphone. Many smartphone apps are available for your desktop which can help limit the need to look down at your device as often. 
  2. When you need to use your smartphone, view it at eye level rather than viewing it below your chest. 
  3. Prioritize stretching throughout the day. Give your neck special attention to ensure it is getting the movement it needs!

Poor Habit #2: Sitting for Long Periods of Time

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Did you know that the average adult spends 50-70% of their waking hours in a seated position? It’s no question that people are sitting for long periods more than ever before. From commuting, working at a desk all day, to turning the TV on to wind down at night, there’s no question that many of us are sitting more than we are standing. Humans are designed to move, so being stagnant in the same position day in and day out certainly comes with a price- chronic pain, stiffness, and lack of mobility are just a few. Read more about the impact sitting has on your health here

Better Habit Action Plan:

A few ways to break up the amount of time you are sitting include:

  • Take frequent movement breaks throughout the day
  • Invest in a sit-stand desk 
  • Take walking meetings when possible
  • Exercise daily
  • Limit TV consumption in the evenings and replace it with an activity like a walk outdoor or reading a physical book

Poor Habit #3: Wearing Improper Shoes


If you’re wondering if shoes can seriously impact your posture? The short answer is—YES! Shoes can have a massive impact on the way you walk and stand, especially heeled shoes (even short heels). Regardless of the heel size, shoes that elevate our heels force our bodies to lean forward. The danger is caused by our bodies compensate for this angle by leaning backwards past 90 degrees. This stance puts great strain on our muscles and can lead to back, hip, knee, and neck pain over time. 

Better Habit Action Plan:

Although your shoes may make you feel great at the moment, your body will not feel great down the road! 

  • Get rid of your worn-out shoes that are now less than supporting your biomechanics
  • Try to limit the amount of time spent wearing heeled shoes and opt for a shoe that supports your feet. 
  • Get a gait scan done and see if orthotics could be an option to help correct any foot deformities and provide the support you need
  • Opt for ergonomic shoes 

Poor Habit #4: Improper Lifting


Have you ever stopped to think about the way that you lift an object off of the ground? Although lifting is an action that may seem like second nature, there is a good chance that you may be performing it wrong. Did you know that in the United States, 6.3 million people injure themselves at work annually? Of these 6.3 million, over 1 million of these incidents result in back problems and are often caused by improper lifting techniques. (3)  Being cognizant of the way that you are lifting is so important for injury prevention!

Better Habit Action Plan:

  • Prevention—eliminate a hazardous situation by practicing safe lifting techniques
  • Ask for assistance if the object you intend to lift is too heavy to lift alone
  • Steps for lifting:
    • 1. Get as close to the object as possible.
    • 2. Plant your feet shoulder-width apart  
    • 3. Keep your neck and back straight
    • Do not bend at your waist! Bend your knees instead and use your legs to lift 

Poor Posture Habit #5: Not Listening to Your Body


Your body is incredible at communicating important messages to you, the challenge can be understanding exactly what those messages are. Messages often come in the form of symptoms, so when you are experiencing symptoms such as headaches, dull aches, and stiffness, there is likely a larger problem that your body is wanting you to address.  It often takes a “fire alarm” to wake us up from the daily habits that we are accustomed to. 

Better Habit Action Plan:

  • Acknowledge something is not right. If you have been dealing with pain or aches for a while, do not let it linger any longer! 
  • Take action to correct and prevent further pain by visiting a chiropractor
    • Eliminating poor posture habits is a great start to getting your body aligned but you may need assistance in undoing what could be years of damage. 
    • Visiting a chiropractor will not only help to correct your spine, but it will also help to prevent further injuries down the road!

Will you be kicking any of these poor posture habits this year? Let us know in the comments!

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