FAQ • Questions About Chiropractic

What is a Subluxation?chiro-20-things

The spinal cord has 31 spinal nerves which exit from between the spinal bones. Although the spinal column offers protection to these sensitive spinal nerves, this delicate balance can be disrupted when the spinal bones become displaced. Such spinal bone displacements are called subluxation.

What are the effects of a Subluxation?

A spinal subluxation involves not only a misalignment and loss of movement in the spine but also causes nervous system interference as well as inhibits the vital communication between your brain and the rest of your body.

What can cause Subluxations?

A subluxation may be caused by physical, biochemical and psychological stresses, which exceed your body’s ability to adapt.

What is the role of your Wellness Chiropractor?

The primary objective of your chiropractor is to locate and correct and prevent spinal subluxation thus allowing your full expression of life. By minimizing the effects of subluxation your wellness chiropractor strives to:

  1. Improve the function of your spine and enable you to be active, energetic and at your best.
  2. Restore, maintain and optimize your nervous system integrity so that the intelligent that runs your body, had full access to the tissues of you body.
  3. Keep the communication channels open between your body, mind and spirit.
  4. Minimize the effects of subluxation and in so doing improves the body’s self –healing and self-regulating abilities
  5. Help you lead a wellness lifestyle that addresses the 3 dimensions of stresses in your life (physical, biochemical and psychological) by giving tools (Creating Wellness System)

What is an adjustment?

The method that your chiropractor will use to reduce subluxation is called an adjustment. An adjustment involves the gentle and specific application of a force to the spine in order to allow the body to restore normal spinal and nervous system function.

Do have need to have pain to see a Wellness Chiropractor?

You do not need to be in pain to see a Wellness Chiropractor. Because of the chiropractic principle, having a stress free nervous system allows you to perform at your full potential – who would not want that. Often times if we wait to have signs and symptoms – detrimental health consequences are already in progress.

Who should see a Wellness Chiropractor?

Becoming and staying your best, requires a commitment to the gradual adoption of wellness habits, which once integrated can maintained throughout your lifetime. Just as healthy eating, exercise and good rest benefit us, chiropractic adjustments are beneficial at all stages of life. Whether you are well rested or stressed out, old or young, retired or in school, you will benefit from having your spine and nervous system working at their best.