Workplace Wellness


Corporate Training and Webinars

Dr. Nathalie’s Health Talks & Webinars Will Help Engage Employees To Adopt A Healthier Lifestyle (Variety of Topics Available)


Ergonomics Program

Our Virtual Workstation Evaluation Will Help Optimize One’s Work Environment with Customized Recommendations & Personalized Exercises 

The Healthy Way To Work

Wellness in the workplace has never been as important as it is today. With new hybridized workforces, it’s crucial that each individual is encouraged to be as healthy as possible at work. Healthy employees are more engaged and productive, which can translate into a harmonious culture and positive bottom-line results.

Corporate Training

With the “new normal” brought on by the pandemic, corporate workplaces continue to suffer the effects. People are working different hours in different places and juggling work and home much differently than they have in the past. But you can still have an engaged workforce that works productively and collaboratively. We work with your company to give your employees an engaging experience that allows them to learn fun and healthy strategies to keep them feeling well, focused, and on top of their game.

Our customized virtual corporate trainings provide proven ways to enhance workplace wellness by:

  • sharing a variety of healthy ways employees can reduce stress
  • engaging teams to build a culture that values well-being and promotes healthy work spaces
  • giving access to their own personal Health App to help them with nutrition and lifestyle tools geared to optimal health and accountability

Our topics are focused on the latest workplace and health advances and fully tailored to your organization.

Ergonomics Program

The average person spends 55% of waking time in sedentary behaviours – and the majority of that time is when they are seated – a full 7.7 hours per day! Adding to that, the lack of proper ergonomics at our workstations worsens the effects, which can wreak havoc on our health.

Your employees are expected to work at a desk but that doesn’t mean they have to sacrifice their health in the process.

With Dr. Nathalie’s customized ergonomics program, your employees will learn to make improvements to their in-office or virtual workstations, relieve pain and stiffness, and do so cost-effectively. Our focus is on the individual’s mobility and health goals, which ultimately will positively affect your organization.

Give your employees the gift of better work health, starting with a personal virtual assessment!

Educational Webinars

Dr. Nathalie is pleased to offer online webinars on a variety of health topics. Employees can learn, connect with their co-workers and ask questions all from the comfort of home or wherever they work.

Webinar Topics suggestions

  • Stress Decoded—Top Tools & Strategies to Help You Thrive and Enhance Your Health
  • Home & Work Ergonomics—Game Plan For A Healthy & Efficient Office
  • Nutrition—Strategies to Up Level Your Fuel Sources For Greater Health
  • Vitamins & Supplements—Blueprint Basics and Beyond
  • Sleep & Recovery—Tips To Optimize Your Sleep & Recharge Your Body
  • Exercise & Movement—Keeping Fit & Mobile For The Health Of It
  • Time for a Nutritional and Lifestyle “Detox”?
  • Your Body’s Defence System— Understanding How It Works and How to Keep​​​​​​​ It Strong 
  • Top 3 Strategies You Can Implement Now for Better Health
  • Hack Your Breath—Discover How Using These Simple Steps Can Change Your Life
  • Reach and Maintain Your Ideal Weight ​​​​​​​Once and for All!