Have you ever experienced neck pain?

Neck pain can be a real pain in the neck sometimes!  A pain, that many people struggle with. In fact, a Canadian study reported 2/3 of all Canadians will experience neck pain in their lifetime. Are you one of the people suffering?

Here are 3 tips that are sure to help you find neck pain relief…

First things first, what kind of pillow are you sleeping on? I’ve heard so many of my patients say “Ugh, my neck is killing me! Must be how I sleep!!”

Invest in a good quality pillow that supports your cervical spine…it will support the skull and neck without applying undue pressure, spreading the weight evenly and uniformly along the vertebrae.  This will help alleviate neck pain associated with a poor night’s sleep! My suggestion Ortho-Cerv, which can be purchased at the clinic.

Tip #2, Be ergonomically friendly.  A poorly set up computer and desk chair is killer when it comes to neck pain!   When sitting erect at a desk and looking straight ahead:

  • Eyes should point directly at the top third of the screen.
  • Forearms should be approximately parallel with the floor when typing.
  • Elbows should be at the side.
  • Feet should be flat on the floor with the thighs parallel with the floor.

Would you like more information on how to be ergonomically friendly? Check out one of my previous blogs here.

My final tip,  go see a chiropractor. Drugs may temporarily alleviate neck pain, but they don’t fix the problem!  As a chiropractor I have been trained to diagnose the cause of your neck problems. I locate the misaligned vertebrae (called subluxations) that are causing you pain and correct them!  Chiropractic care provides a safe and effective way to alleviate neck pain, allowing you to avoid drugs or surgery.

And if you are you wondering, Ive seen people crack their own necks back into place! I can fix it myself by doing that, right?! The answer is NO. People “cracking their own necks” are not cracking the vertebrae back into place; they are making the problem worse! Moving the wrong bones loosens spinal ligaments makes it harder for the spine to ever be corrected. Your safest bet is to go see a chiropractic because only a chiropractor can properly remove subluxations.

Do you or someone you know suffer from neck pain? Let them know that chiropractic may be a solution! Call the clinic to book your appointment today, 613 837 2883 or click here.