Did you know that poor lymphatic drainage can contribute to a wide range of dysfunction in the body?

Visible signs of poor lymphatic drainage include weight gain, skin problems and premature aging. Breakouts, facial edema, dark circles at/around the eyes, dry, wrinkled or sallow looking skin, spider veins, and cellulite could all be the cause of a poorly functioning lymphatic system.

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms? Perhaps your lymphatic system needs a tune up!

So…what does the lymphatic system do anyways?

Perhaps the easiest way to explain the lymphatic system is to compare it to a highway. What happens when there is an accident or construction on the 401? Traffic stops. The same thing happens in our body. When the lymphatic system becomes blocked, toxic material cannot be eliminated.

The lymphatic system travels all over the body, paralleling our arteries and veins. Where there is blood, there is lymph. In fact there is 3 to 5 times more lymph fluid than blood in the body.

In keeping with the highway theme, the main “pitstops” for lymph are in the neck, armpits, and groin. Lymph from all over the body are filtered through these collection sites. Our lymphatic systems consist of approximately 600 – 700 lymph nodes. These lymph nodes filter cellular waste products, bacteria and other debris. If the lymph system becomes blocked or clogged, a condition of stagnation occurs causing fatigue or illness.

A properly functioning lymphatic system cleanses our tissues, aids in cellular repair, and eliminates toxins. A blocked lymphatic system however, obstructs cell-nourishing elements from reaching our blood and prevents infection-fighting material from destroying germs. Such obstruction results in germs growing, our blood losing protein, our immune system weakening, and us becoming defenseless against viruses, fungi and bacterium. In other words, congestion (or blockages) stop us from reaching our final destination: real health.

Just like the circulatory system, optimal flow is vital for proper lymphatic function. Optimal flow is ensured by three means: the movement of muscles, the subtle pulsations of nerves, and fluid pressure within the system. Lymph fluid is cleansed by the liver, kidneys, and heart. It eliminates its toxic load through the elimination channels of the body – urine, bowel, skin, and lungs.

As previously mentioned, toxin buildup can result in a variety of symptoms. In fact, many of us experience symptoms of poor lymphatic drainage without even realizing it! It’s for this reason that it’s very important to monitor lymph function.

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What Causes Lymphatic Blockages and How Can You Fix It?

Causes of lymphatic blockages include:

• Poor lifestyle choices such as inactivity and improper diet
• Infections
• Injuries
• Surgery (scar tissue and adhesion)
• Emotional stress states
• Environmental toxins
• Hormone imbalance
• The normal aging processes

There are a few ways that you can restore the function of your lymphatic system…
1) Use of a Rebounder (or mini trampoline). One way to a healthier lymphatic system is to buy a rebounder. Jumping for a few minutes a day will expel poisons by jostling the lymph nodes and squeezing the toxins out.
2) Not keen on using a rebounder? Homeopathic drops like this one (available for purchase at the clinic) cleanse your lymph nodes helping to remove toxic build up.
3) Regular use of an infrared sauna has also been noted to help with restoring lymph function. Infrared saunas detoxify your body through the sweat glands, cleaning and draining your system.

Interested in finding out if your lymphatic system is functioning optimally? Santé Chiropractic and Wellness Centre offers the Es-Teck Full Body Analysis. The ES- Teck System is advanced technology and is a Health Canada registered Class III Medical Device. Using a finger “Oximeter” it allows for observation of heart rate, tissue oxygen uptake, arterial stiffness, hemodynamic indicators and autonomic nervous system (ANS) levels of activity. It is able to detect whether your lymphatic system is functioning optimally, and allows us to provide you with personalized recommendations to get your lymphatic system back on track!

Book your very own Es-Teck Full Body Analysis by calling the clinic at (613) 837-2883. Your lymphatic system will thank you for it!