Low back pain is a common complaint during pregnancy – and it’s no wonder. Weight gain, postural changes, hormones, and even stress can wreak havoc on a woman’s body during pregnancy.


A woman typically gains 25 – 35 pounds during a healthy pregnancy. This puts additional pressure on the spine and shifts her center of gravity. The resulting change in posture may lead to back pain and/or strain Hormonal changes can also be to blame. The hormone relaxin is released during pregnancy to loosen off ligaments and joints in preparation for the baby’s birth. This same hormone can relax the ligaments that support the spine, leading to instability and pain. A weakening or even separation of the abdominal muscles as the belly expands can also contribute to low back pain. And finally, the emotional stress of pregnancy can lead to muscle tension, which may also be a factor in low back pain.

The good news is that there are many things that you can do to ease your low back pain naturally during pregnancy.

For Low Back Pain Relief During Pregnancy. Try some of these tips:

Bust a Move. Regular exercise can help ease the stress on your spine and reduce lower back pain. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Just choose an activity you enjoy and get moving. Activities like walking, swimming and yoga are often recommended for moms to be. Be sure to check with your trusted health care provider before starting any new exercise program.
Stand Tall. Weight gain and the natural shift in your center of gravity during pregnancy can lead to changes in your posture. Many pregnant women lean back to compensate for their growing belly, which can strain the lower back. Do your best to stand tall with chest lifted and shoulders relaxed. Stand with feet hip width apart, ears stacked over shoulders, shoulders over hips, and hips over ankles. When sitting, choose a chair that supports your lower back or place a small pillow behind your back.
Try Heat and Cold. A simple heating pad or ice pack may provide some relief for your lower back pain. Try both at different times to see which feels best in your body. You could also alternate hot and cold.
Sleep Well. Sleeping on your side with knees bent can help alleviate lower back pain. Consider placing a pillow between thighs, under your belly and behind your back. Body pillows work really well for this.
Get Adjusted! Research shows that chiropractic care is a safe and effective way to manage lower back pain during pregnancy. Not only that but regular chiropractic care during pregnancy can help: maintain a healthier pregnancy, control symptoms of nausea, reduce labour and delivery time, and help prevent a potential caesarean delivery.

Consider trying one or more of the tips above to help with your pregnancy related lower back pain. Please let me know which of these natural solutions worked best for you. I’d love to hear from you! As always be sure to share with any mom to be that you know is suffering with low back pain.

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