A few years ago I created a program called Your Roadmap to Wellness. Roadmap to Wellness is a fun, highly informative, self-paced program delivered online. It teaches you the tools and strategies needed for better health, energy and vitality. The program is comprised of 10 modules, all discussing different aspects of health and wellness. By the end of it, you are sure to emerge a health and wellness guru! This blog provides you with an excerpt from Module 1 of the 10 module program. I hope you enjoy it!

Listen to Your Body, It Might Be Trying to Tell You Something

In order to be successful at living our best life and reaching our full potential,we must first take a look at our lives and evaluate what things we have been doing (or not doing) that are preventing us from achieving our goals to date. Quite often,we have self-destructive, repetitive behaviours that are negatively impacting our health and we don’t even realize it. We fail to recognize the signs our body sends us.

What Kind of Signs Does The Body Send?listen-to-your-body-dr-nathalie-beauchamp

Headaches, upset stomachs, and colds are all signs telling us that something is wrong. It’s important to pay attention to these signs, and try to determine what’s causing them. Was a headache brought on by a particularly stressful day of work? Did your stomach become upset after eating a certain food? Think of the lifestyle changes you can make to take control of the problem instead of reaching for a pill that will give you a quick but temporary relief. Because once you are aware of these signs and patterns, you’ll have the right information to determine what you need to change so that you can achieve the things you want most.

Overcoming Obstacles Activity

Which of the following phrases describes feelings or activities in which you engage on a daily,or nearly daily basis? (Check all that apply.)

  •  I work at a job that I don’t really like,or complain about some aspect of my job (for example, the people,the hours,the salary).
  • I watch TV as a distraction because it allows me to temporarily escape from my worries in my own life.
  • I am in a strained/unhealthy relationship.
  • I feel like my environment is in chaos and clutter bu I do not have the time to do anything about it.
  • I worry about financial matters and feel as though I am living beyond my means.
  • I complain about my weight,the way I look,or the way my clothes fit.
  • I don’t exercise because I am too tired.
  • I eat foods I know are not healthy for me,but I do it anyway  because it makes me feel good.
  • I eat when I am bored.
  • I feel lonely or lacking affection.
  • I feel tired or bored.
  • I have lost interest in my hobbies or favourite activities.
  • I anger easily over little things.
  • I have difficulty getting quality sleep. I avoid seeing family or friends.

Now take it a step further, by asking yourself these questions…

  • What is the one thing that you don’t want to even admit to your best friend, that you know you do that you shouldn’t?(Let’s admit it,we all have one!!)
  • Can you think of any other repetitive habit or feeling you have that is holding you back from reaching your full potential?
  • When you feel yourself doing this action/habit,what can you do to help stop yourself from repeating this behaviour?

Many of us have some type of self-sabotaging behaviour that prevents us from reaching our goal. If we can identify what these behaviours or habits are (by asking ourselves questions like the ones above) we can take accountability for our actions and make a plan that will enable us to reach our goal! And in turn, we can find happiness and a deeper level of health.

Did you enjoy this excerpt from Module 1 of Roadmap to Wellness? To find out more or purchase the program visit www.roadmaptowellness.com and don’t forget to share this blog with family and friends!

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