As chiropractors, we come across a lot of patients who self diagnose and sometimes come up funny stories

  • It’s sciatica… I know my brother had the same thing.
  • It’s just normal headaches everybody has them.pinched-nerve-sante
  • I don’t know how it happen, I swear I was doing NOTHING!
  • Must be age. I’m getting old.
  • One of my favorite: ”I don’t think it’s my joint’; it’s my muscles causing me pain”.

Muscles would be the only cause of pain, according to a number of our patients.

In a neuro-musculoskeletal disorder, the part ‘’musculo’’ represents only a third of the word and the same goes for an actual physical problem.  In fact, there is rarely one thing causing your problem, it is often multifactorial.

Let me explain,

What is Pain?

It is nothing more than the interpretation of a sensation by your nervous system. So, without nerves we could not feel the pain… We could also not feel anything else, move, breath, think, react, or just live. Pain is a sign of alarm to let you know something is wrong in your body. From there you have the choice to listen to it or to ignore it.

Fun fact:menopause-sante-chiropractic

Pain transmission in your body is slower than normal touch sensation. For example, this is why, when you burn your finger cooking, your first instinct is to cover it or put it in your mouth, before you start feeling any pain, because you know it’s going to hurt even though it hasn’t yet. (I highly suggest NOT to try to test this fact!!)

Muscles, Bones & Nervous System

Coming back to the main subject: Your muscles and your bone/joints are not two separate things, they are complimentary. Without one or the other nothing can happen. The skeleton on its own is like a marionette without string and muscles without bones is like a heap of laundry.

So now, if I ask you which one is the most important? Your bone or your muscle?

And the answer is …… ( drum roll )……. Your nervous system!!!

In reality, they are all very important but:

Your nervous system transports all the information in your body. If it is not working optimally your brain will misinterpret information and send wrong messages to your body, i.e.: muscle tension, postural changes or interference with your overall body function (organs & glands).

“How will Chiropractic help me then?”

To understand chiropractic you need to know what a subluxation is:

Subluxation (quick definition):  Is a functional restriction affecting your neuro-musculoskeletal system. It can be severe and cause major issues in your body, or be at an earlier stage and have minimal repercussion on your body at that time.

That being said, when your chiropractor ADJUSTS you: She/he is restoring the proper function of your nervous system which in turn has effect on your musculoskeletal system.

As a chiropractor, we look at the body as a complete whole and we don’t focus on only one specific thing.  We optimize your health by freeing your nervous system of any interference.

Next time you think or say,’’ I think it’s only my muscle’’, try to remember that they are attached to your bones and they are controlled by your nervous system.

It’s never that simple.

Dr Gabrielle Pomerleau

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