Implement These Simple but Very Effective Strategies to Increase Productivity and Benefit Your Overall Health

If you are like me and like many of my patients that I chat with daily, then you understand how today’s challenging and changing work environments make it difficult to be consistent and get tasks done. This not only can impact our productivity but also can have a negative effect on our health. Neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, even sciatic pain are all symptoms I’m seeing from patients who have found themselves working from home in less than ideal work stations. In addition to the physical stress many people are facing, we are seeing a change in emotional health as well.

When you are chronically stressed, whether physically, emotionally, and/or chemically, you are at a higher risk for developing neuro-musculoskeletal dysfunctions. When we do not address the stress in our lives we are at an increased risk of impacting our overall health and mobility. Regular chiropractic care can help optimize the health of our spine and the function of our nervous system, which in turn, helps the body adapt more efficiently to our life’s stressors.

Creating daily habits can help you put some focus on your own well-being while being more productive in your job. These simple, yet effective strategies can set you up for a win-win scenario every day.

  1. Setting Up Your Routine

Develop a daily rhythm that will allow you to stick to a schedule. What does your morning look like before you start your workday? Perhaps you meditate every morning for 10 minutes or go for a 30-minute jog before heading to your desk. Having a daily rhythm will help your mind and body stay on track and reduce stress.


  1. Establish a To-Do List

A to-do list is so helpful for prioritization and keeping your mind focused. Create a to-do list the night before so that you know exactly what you need to accomplish from the moment you start your workday. Creating this list at night can also help you sleep better, having removed all the “must-do’s” for the next day and writing them down. Having a small list with three major tasks for the day is more than enough.

  1. Get Moving 

Take regular movement breaks.  I talk about this a little more in a recent blog here, movement throughout the day is critical. If it is difficult to remember to take movement breaks, set an alarm on your phone as a reminder to get up and move. Another option is to download a free “take-a-break” app for your computer. Your goal is to decrease the amount of time you spend sitting! I give more tips on how to avoid sitting in a previous blog.

  1. Nutrition & Hydration

flavoured water

It is so important to always have water near you. If you struggle to hydrate throughout the day, try getting creative with your water consumption. Add fruit to your water to make hydrating a little more exciting and enjoyable. Flavours such as watermelon or cucumber are delicious and make your water really refreshing.

  1. Do Not Overeat

Having access to your own kitchen throughout the workday can be dangerous. It is so easy to reach into the cupboard and grab whatever is available when your tummy starts rumbling. Try having three nutritious meals a day that are filling and will not leave you feeling the need to snack. Additionally, have healthy options readily available if you do get hungry. Snacks such as veggies and hummus are a great option.

Finally, do not eat at your desk! Try using your snack time as an opportunity to get away from your desk. Perhaps you can take 10 minutes to get some fresh air and eat outside.

  1. Balance is Key

Do not let work take over your life. It is easy to let our jobs become our lives if we are not careful. It is especially important to be conscious of having a balanced life that brings you happiness and joy. Proper exercise and great nutrition go hand in hand when it comes to having a healthy lifestyle.

Simple changes consistently done over time can lead to big changes in your life. I hope these tips will help you stay healthy and be more productive throughout your day.