The holidays are meant to be a time of great joy and cheer, but sometimes they can be downright stressful. Especially, when we aren’t planning enough time for ourselves. That’s why I wrote this week’s blog.

While the holiday season will always be a little hectic, not sticking to your healthy habits can result in you feeling run down (or even worse…sick!) over the holidays. Here are a few tips to keep you working out and eating right this holiday!

Tips for Working Out During the Holiday

• Pencil it In. You are less likely to skip your workout if you make a point to pencil it into your calendar. Look over your plans for the holiday and figure out when and where a workout could fit in.
• Keep it Short. You don’t have to run a marathon. Schedule a quick HIIT circuit or a walk with the family to keep your body moving.
• Get the Family Involved. After all, there’s nothing like skating or tobogganing to get you in the holiday spirit.

Tips of Eating Healthy During the Holidays

• Try Your Best. Let’s face it, it’s hard to eat clean during the holidays. If you do happen to fall off the wagon, just dust yourself off and climb back on the next day. Get right back into your normal healthy habits and forget the day before. There’s no need to dwell on it and stress out. It happens to all of us!
• Eat Something Healthy Before Your Leave. Eat a healthy meal or light snack before a shopping trip or Christmas party so you won’t be tempted to grab fast food, or fill up your plate with too much junk.
• Pick “Treat” Meals. Pick certain meals during which you will treat yourself and give yourself permission to enjoy it without guilt. Portions are the real enemy during the holidays, not the foods themselves. You can eat a little of everything you want and still maintain your health.
• Load Up With Veggies. When choosing your foods – eat more vegetables and lean meats such as turkey and chicken. Putting more of these on your plate will help to fill you up and the smaller portions of higher calorie and more dense foods such as pastas and breads will satisfy your desires for them.
• Keep the Sweet Treats to a Minimum. Go easy on the sweets. You don’t have to abstain from them completely, just watch your portions. If Aunt Sue makes the best sugar pie in the world, there’s no reason for you to miss out while everyone else enjoys it. Take a smaller than normal slice and enjoy!

Hope these tips help you stay healthy and cheery this holiday season, and don’t forget to stop by the clinic for an adjustment! We’re open between Christmas and New Year’s. 

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