Spring is in the air, which means so are seasonal allergies. Are you one of the 10 million Canadians suffering from allergy symptoms? Here are 5 natural ways to help subdue symptoms so that you can get outside and enjoy this vibrant season!

What are Allergies?

When it comes to allergy symptoms, it can be difficult to differentiate them between symptoms associated with the common cold. Sufferers will often experience sneezing and a runny or stuffy nose, some may even experience a cough, sore throat, headache or fatigue. When it comes down to it, allergies can almost be described as a never ending cold.

While most people can quickly get over a cold with a little rest, lots of water and some immune-boosting vitamins; allergies aren’t as easy to get rid of. Why? The answer to this question lies in the cause of allergies.

Seasonal allergies are caused when plants begin to bloom and pollen–tiny grains released into the air by trees, grasses, and weeds for the purpose of fertilizing other plants–is released into the air. When pollen enters the nasal cavity of an allergy sufferer, the immune system is sent into overdrive.  It mistakes the pollen as a foreign invader and releases antibodies. The antibodies attack the allergens and cause the release of a chemical called histamine, into the blood. This chemical is what triggers a runny nose, itchy eyes, and other allergy symptoms.

When it comes to allergies, unless you stay inside away with the windows closed it’s likely your allergies will persist throughout the season. Unless, you follow the  natural tips below…

How Can You Get Rid of Allergy Symptoms?

1. Go see a chiropractor. Are allergies caused by a lack of medicine in the body? Of course not! Medication temporarily covers allergies, but does not get rid of the cause. The allergies will only return. What’s the REAL cause of allergies? A weak immune system. When the immune system is weak, it often mistakes a harmless substance like pollen, pet dander or protein, as harmful. The immune system then elicits an allergic reaction, to try and flush the substance from the body. WHOA! What causes the immune system to weaken? A misaligned spine, also called a subluxation. Subluxations weaken the nervous and immune systems. Subluxations don’t go away on their own. They remain until they are removed. Symptoms stay and worsen. How can subluxations be removed, so you and your loved ones can FINALLY enjoy life to its fullest, instead of feeling left out? By seeing a chiropractor. You see, chiropractors know you deserve MORE than just temporary relief. They find and correct the CAUSE, so you can experience lasting relief and live the life you WANT.

2.  Boost your Immune System. As mentioned above, a weak immune system is one of the main causes of allergies. Boost it by eliminating processed foods from your diet, eating as much organic, whole foods as possible and drinking as much water as possible (ideally, 8-10 glasses per day). Also, consider taking a probiotic like this one, available at the clinic. The root of many health problems (including allergies) is related to an imbalance of intestinal bacteria/ weak immune system and this can be helped by taking by a good quality probiotic.

3. Eat Honey! Did you know that incorporating a teaspoon or two of locally grown honey into your diet even before the season can enhance resistance to pollen. That’s because bees collect honey from local plants, which may contain pollen, and consuming the product helps your body adjust to pollen exposure. Don’t like the taste of honey? Add it to your smoothie or shake in the morning!

4. Remove Pollen from your Nostrils with a Saline Solution.  With allergies, comes  nasal obstructions and inflammation. Saline solutions help clear to clear obstructions and reduce the allergens in your body! Purchase a kit at your local health store.

5. Steer clear of pollen. Staying inside isn’t ideal,  but if your allergies are severe it might be best to try to avoid heavily pollinated areas or days when pollination is at its peak. Did you know that the Weather Network has a pollen index? It lets allergy suffers know which pollens are wrecking havoc! Check out the index before spending a lot of time outdoors to avoid aggravating your seasonal allergies.

Did you find these tips helpful? Share this information with your family and friends and don’t forget to leave a comment below! We’d love to hear from you! Oh, and if you are ready to book your initial chiropractic  appointment click here!