At Santé Chiropractic and Wellness Centre we like to make our patient feel comfortable and at ease on their first visit asFirst-Chiropractic-Visit we know that it can be a little intimidating to consult a new doctor or seek help from a profession that we are not familiar with, so here is what to expect on your first visit at our clinic.  A referral is NOT necessary to go visit a chiropractor and most private work insurance do cover chiropractic care. We make it easy to schedule your first visit as you can call or use our online booking system to set your first chiropractic visit.

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The first visit is broken into 5 different sections:

1. History

In preparation before your appointment, we get you to fill out a new patient questionnaire (it can be found here). This gives the Doctor a better understanding of what your life is like and what your body has gone through. The questionnaire includes background information, symptoms, past injuries/conditions, any medication, vitamins or supplements you are taking and lifestyle information. During your first chiropractic visit the doctor will go over all of this information.

2. Consultation

When you come into the clinic our front desk staff that will greet you as well as collect your questionnaire. You will then meet the chiropractic assistant who will give you a tour of the clinic. They will then review all your information that you submitted in your questionnaire.

3. Pre-Tests

Before you see the doctor, the assistant will perform non-invasive tests. The CLA Insight Technology is used to look at your nervous system. At the clinic we perform 3 tests, which include a thermal scan, a EMG scan and an HRV scan. Theses results will be discussed with you at your second appointment. Once these have been performed the assistant will get the doctor to come in to do the physical examination.

4. Physical Exam

The doctors have a routine exam that focus mostly on the spine. They will also concentrate on problem areas if there are any. They may do other tests such as range of motion for the problem area, nerve function and orthopedic tests to help get to the root of your issues.

5. X-rays (If necessary)

Depending on your symptoms and what the doctor finds during the physical exam, they may choose to send you to have x-rays done. The purpose of the x-rays is to look at the bone anatomy and the soft tissue. The chiropractor can also get a better understanding of the wear and tear of your spines and look for any abnormal curvatures. If you have had x-rays done we can request them as well.

Now that all of the information has been collected and the doctor has had a chance to examine you, the assistant will book you in for your follow up appointment. This appointment is scheduled with the doctor to go through your results as well as give you your first adjustment. If you would like to book an appointment at the clinic please click here. You can also watch the Doctor`s report preparatory video here which explain all that you will need to better understand your own results when discussed with you.