Here are some of the comments we’ve received from happy Ottawa Chiropractic Patients:

I will like to say this with a joyful heart, that MR LUKAS SULICWORLD is the best of all the traders I've had the pleasure of working with. he is a fantastic mentor as well as a terrific trader, he is very supportive and encouraging. So far, my profits have been 10 times my initial investment. I and my family members, we are so happy to know and work with him. If there is nest life i would also love to know and work with you MR LUKAS SULICWORLD.
kindly contact him via: Whatsapp: +1 (609) 701-2234

Makhosi Manzini Avatar
Makhosi Manzini

Phenomenal service! Nathalie is incredible!

Patrick Bisson Avatar
Patrick Bisson

Dr. Beauchamp and her team are fantastic! I was lucky to be referred by a friend and very happy with my results! Thank you Dr. Beauchamp and team 🙂

Brent Neault Avatar
Brent Neault

I appreciate the entire experience when going in for an adjustment. The staff are friendly and Dr. Nat is a great source for health information and motivation. After my adjustment I always feel better, especially my neck that gets tense from working from home.

Leanne Richardson Avatar
Leanne Richardson

I've been seeing Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp since I was a young lady and she has helped my tension head aches and general body health! I wouldn't trust anyone else even though I have moved to Europe, I still make sure I have a treatment if I am in town.
Everyone should take care of their health and well-being- Dr. Beauchamp's knowledge & expertise will get you to your best!

Aimee Kellerman Avatar
Aimee Kellerman

Nathalie sees my infant son and I and she is great. I can really feel the difference in myself and have seen so much improvement in my son (who had tension because of a tongue tie). In conjunction with an osteopath and lactation consultant that we see, getting chiropractic care for my son has been a huge help before and after his tongue tie release. I also saw her while pregnant and she really helped me manage some extreme sciatic pain I had - I appreciated the included assessment that came with my first session which really explains the science behind the cause of discomfort and the connections your spine has to all aspects of your body (overall she’s very holistic in her approach to body health). I’ve seen other chiros in the past and felt they were just trying to keep me coming back every week ($$) and not really listening to the issues at hand - this is not the case with Nathalie as she is realistic with how many sessions are needed and leaves you in charge of your recovery/prevention plan.

Mike-o NoMiddlename Monjon Avatar
Mike-o NoMiddlename Monjon

I have been seeing a chiropractor for years for different ailments over the years. I feel so blessed to have met Dr Nathalie when I moved to Orleans. She takes the time to find out what you need and she truly cares about her patients. I’d give her an even higher rating if I could!

Teresa Whitmore Avatar
Teresa Whitmore

I’ve been going to Nathalie for a long time now to help with my migraines. She’s helpful and knowledgeable and I’m happy to have her as my chiropractor!

Isabelle S Avatar
Isabelle S

When I first visited Dr Nathalie, I had many health issues. As a result, I spent most of my day in bed. After the first treatment, I felt the difference and it progressed from there. Now, almost 3 months later I have more vitality and energy. I know I can count on Dr Nathalie to answer my questions and help me along on my journey to better health!

Sylvie Dufour Avatar
Sylvie Dufour

Great service!

Ariane Forget Avatar
Ariane Forget

Dr. Beauchamps is wonderful. I have referred a few friends and I highly recommend her.

Lina Barakat Avatar
Lina Barakat

Amazing doctor, keep up the good work 🙂

Aman Al-Imari Avatar
Aman Al-Imari

Amazing service. Very dedicated to improving health. Highly recommend!

Josee Lanthier Avatar
Josee Lanthier

Je vais à cette clinique avec Dre Nathalie depuis quelques années et mes douleurs et inconforts se sont tellement améliorés, ma flexibilité. Ça me fait un bien énorme, et sans craquage de cou!! Ça fait partie de ma vie comme bien manger et mieux bouger.

Nancie Cantin Avatar
Nancie Cantin

After having to stop running due to hip pain, I visited Dr Beauchamp in hopes of getting back into running. Well not only am I back to pain free running, I'm now spinning and enjoying all sorts of activities that I could no longer do. In fact 2 of my boys (age 12-14) are now patients of dr Beauchamp and I see amazing results with both!

Melanie Nelson Avatar
Melanie Nelson

Have been coming here for about 18 years. Always top notch care and service. Dr. Beauchamp always helps me feel better

Christine Fusee Avatar
Christine Fusee

I am currently in my third trimester, and when I came into my pregnancy I was already struggling with sciatica. Naturally, this was exasperated throughout being pregnant. Seeing Dr. Beauchamp has helped dramatically and has allowed me to get back to doing things I love like yoga and walking! So thankful!

Rebekah Richardson Avatar
Rebekah Richardson

Amazing place

Matthew Hall Avatar
Matthew Hall

Dr. Nathalie is simply amazing at what she does and a wonderful caring person. It's clear to see that she sincerely wants the best outcome for all her patients. From the moment you walk into her clinic you can feel the warmth and kidness from the entire team. Her gentle aproach and in depth explanation of diagnosis and treatments makes one feel so at ease. My spine and general health are happy thanks to Dr.Nathalie!

Anick Lavoie Avatar
Anick Lavoie

Amazing doctor.

James Boutros Avatar
James Boutros

What I like about their services, their covid cleanliness protocols are the highest quality and I feel very safe and secure. How this differs from other chiropractors is that she is very passionate about making sure you understand how this service supports your overall health and why it’s important as part of your health protocols, you also get a video explaining things so you can understand what she is doing and the positive impact it has on your body. It is very thorough, in terms of supporting your needs, the care you need and some really great state of the art technology.

May-Jun McGrath Avatar
May-Jun McGrath

Well run establishment. All treatments explained and timelines of recovery offered. Additional health items available on site.

Bruce Wayne Avatar
Bruce Wayne

Dr. Nathalie & her entire staff are always so welcoming, efficient and helpful. I recently needed an emergency session and Dr. Nathalie made herself immediately available and was able to help me feel some instant relief from the pain I was feeling. She is a miracle worker! Thank you for everything you do !

Jake Testa Avatar
Jake Testa

Dr Nathalie has been my trusted Chiropractor for over 5 years. She has taught me the importance of health and the ability for the body to self heal. My treatment sessions have decreased throughout the years and I will continue to see Dr Nathalie.

Martin Barrett Avatar
Martin Barrett

I give 5 stars for this wonderful clinic for the 5 reasons:1. Punctual, low wait times to get appt and when you arrive.2. All staff are professional and efficient and very nice. Bedside manner is hard to find in the med field nowadays. Bravo Sante Chiro!3. Everything is explained by Dr. Beauchamp in simplicistic terms. She knows her stuff and is patient and a leasure to talk with.4. Clinic is clean and orderly.5. They serve beverages and treats!! 🤗👍I have been waiting for a good chiropractor referral and finally after years, I got one from my massage therapist. I got in quickly, scans done one day, xrays the next with my first adjustment that evening and the second 2 days later. I am thrilled to have gotten this far within 4 days! I look forward to having my skeletal system re-aligned. I bought Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp's book (absolutely no pressure to buy), and it is quickly drawing me in. Btw, price is cheaper at the clinic then on Amazon and Dr Beauchamp will autograph for you. 👌😁

J Harper Avatar
J Harper

The staff here are phenomenal and the place is amazing!!

Marcus Major Avatar
Marcus Major

Dr. Nathalie & her entire staff are always so welcoming, efficient and helpful. I recently needed an emergency session and Dr. Nathalie made herself immediately available and was able to help me feel some instant relief from the pain I was feeling. She is a miracle worker! Thank you for everything you do !

A Google User Avatar
A Google User

Amazing Doctor.. and great customer service.. love them all..

Madel Abarquez Avatar
Madel Abarquez

The staff is always pleasant and easy to talk to. Dr. Gabrielle is absolutely fantastic!!!

Pat Grenier Avatar
Pat Grenier

These folks are genuinely concerned with helping me alleviate my back pain. Willing to answer all my questions. I am getting better and I am very grateful for their care. Great place to get the help you need. Thank you

Brian Schecter Avatar
Brian Schecter

Amazing staff and great atmosphere! Dr. Nathalie is a master at her craft!

Christine Rodriguez Avatar
Christine Rodriguez

These folks are genuinely concerned with helping me alleviate my back pain. Willing to answer all my questions. I am getting better and I am very grateful for their care. Great place to get the help you need. Thank you

A Google User Avatar
A Google User

We love Doctor Beauchamp 🙂 she is very caring, knowledgeable, and gentle. Simply the best!

Rémie El Kara Avatar
Rémie El Kara

Sante Chiro is one of the best, most efficiently run clinics I have ever visited. I have been seeing Dr Nathalie Beauchamp for well over a decade or more. My entire family was against chiropractic. So I never told anyone about this for the first 5 years. I have had a few car accidents over the years and have received excellent and swift service from Dr. B and the other practices in the clinic. The staff are all incredible. The online booking is so easy. And I can book just before I leave work, drive directly there and just have to go in for treatment. Easy to get to, lots of parking, close to my home. My family now accepts chiro and some of them see chiro as well now! It helps With a lot of issues you don't think are related to each other. And you learn more about your body and mind and how not to take it for granted. Listening to my body has helped me to age gracefully and not so painfully. Thank you everyone at Sante chiropractic!

Renee Beaudry Avatar
Renee Beaudry

Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp is a great chiropractor! I have been seeing her for almost a year now and I’ve noticed a huge change in my posture and my pain! She listens to your concerns and makes sure you are seing results! I honestly believe without her treatment, I would be in agony! I have suffered a ski accident a few years ago and nothing helped until I saw her! Will continue to see her & continue the journey to feeling great! 😌

Marie Martin Avatar
Marie Martin

Always great service! The staff is always helpful and friendly. Dr. Beauchamp is absolutely wonderful and was able to help my family achieve optimal health.

Marie-Josee Julien Avatar
Marie-Josee Julien

I love Dr. Nathalie and her team! Orleans and Ottawa are lucky to have her to care for our health

Jennifer Thompson Avatar
Jennifer Thompson

Since going to Sante Chiropractic I finally feel I'm being listened to. Practices are way beyond what I've experienced elsewhere. Tests I have never seen ot heard of before. Very proactive, and believe whenever possible we can deal with our health without drugs.Look forward to my visits because I feel the improvements mentally and physically.Thank you for being there for us who have suffered for so long and giving us hope.Virginia

Virginia McEwen Avatar
Virginia McEwen

Dr. Nathalie have been helpinh my family for the last 3 years and I am so grateful for her. Her optimistic view of life is contagious and you cannot help but feel happy. Thank you!

Elizabeth Ociesa Avatar
Elizabeth Ociesa

I came to see Dr. Nathalie when I was five months postpartum with chronic migraines, fibromyalgia and general aches and pains post-baby. I was skeptical, as I had never tried Chiropractic care, but after trying acupuncture, massage and physio, I needed something different. I immediately felt welcome at my assment when Dr. Nathalie greeted me and asked her assistant to hold my baby - so helpful and kind! We came up with a plan for care, and after two months of treatment I have noticed an absolutely amazing decrease in pain. I am sleeping better, and have more energy.Dr. Nathalie is exceptional at her job, and I love listening to her #HackYourHealth podcast while waiting. The office staff are warm and inviting, and I love the ability to schedule appointments online, especially the same day if needed.I am always blown away when Dr. Nathalie remembers details about my personal life, as she sees so many patients, and it even though adjustments are super fast, she always makes me feel like I am a valued client and that she genuinely cares about my health.If you are looking to improve your quality of life and health overall, I urge you to visit Dr. Nathalie ASAP. Particularly if you suffer from fibromyalgia, or postpartum pain. Thanks to Dr. Nathalie and the staff for your care (and always having warm tea!).

Andrea Banks Avatar
Andrea Banks

Prompt and effective treatment.

David Kitz Avatar
David Kitz

I saw Cathy for a massage and was by far the best massage I've ever had. She was very knowledgeable about the body, used the perfect amount fo pressure and focused on the areas I needed her to focus on. Planning to go back.

Jessica Barr Avatar
Jessica Barr

I have been using the chiropractor and massage services at Sante Chiropractic & Wellness for years. Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp always takes the time to listen to your health concerns. The treatments that I have received over the years made a big difference in my life.As for the massage provided by Cathie Cerisano, what can I say? no more headaches, no more pain in my shoulders, no more neck pain. Thank you

Benoit Leduc Avatar
Benoit Leduc

5 stars

Artisan Stucco Avatar
Artisan Stucco

Friendly, professional and love the results!

Dava McKay Avatar
Dava McKay

Nathalie is very knowledgeable in her field. She helped my family enormously.

Fatouma Lo Avatar
Fatouma Lo

Reception is very welcoming, informative and organized.Dr. Nathalie is knowledgeable and I appreciate that she keeps me informed of what is being done. My best chiropractic experience!!

Monika Rushton Avatar
Monika Rushton

My SI joint says thank you. Such professionalism and knowledge. Expert through and through. Cheers.

Michel Nadeau Avatar
Michel Nadeau

Dr. Nathalie has been a key part of my health and wellness plan for close to 10 years. Regular adjustments help manage my pain, my sleep and even my mood. And when things arise that are out of the ordinary, like the significant pain I was having in my left hip for the past 10 days (that my family Dr. could not diagnose), Dr. Nathalie figured it out in minutes and knew just what to do! After only one adjustment and some minor manipulations, plus some exercises to do at home, I can already feel that I am on the path to healing. Thanks Dr. Nathalie for your expertise, your genuine desire to help and for all that you do!

Maurina Fleck Avatar
Maurina Fleck

This Clinic is great! I was impressed by the use of the most up to date technology in my first appointment. They care is great and I am pain free again. The staff are friendly and know the patients by name.

Jason Christensen Avatar
Jason Christensen

I have been a client for many years! She is an excellent Chiropractor and is very caring for your health needs! I also have her book "Hack your Health" Fantastic Read and a must have for everyone.. thank you Dr. Natalie Nathalie Beauchamp for being you.. 🙂

Kimberly McLean - McShane Avatar
Kimberly McLean - McShane

Dr. Natalie is awesome! The clinic itself is really nice and the staff is friendly 🙂

Ana-Julia Reis Avatar
Ana-Julia Reis

I was in a car accident almost 6 years ago and was going there two sometimes three days a week for the first 3 months and Dr Beauchamp was so compassionate about my pain she told me after about three months that my back is not getting any better. It wasn't because she was doing a bad job it had do with my nervous system and how the accident affected me she did not feel right to continue treating me because she didn't want me to spend money I didn't have I have the utmost respect for Dr Beauchamp and would recommend her to anybody and the whole staff is great as well thank you for your help

Dan Charlebois Avatar
Dan Charlebois

I Love Sante Chiropractic! The staff are amazing and welcoming and the office has a very good energy. Dr. Nathalie is thorough and extremely qualified, you can tell how much she enjoys her profession through her care for each patient. Couldn’t imagine going to any other Chiropractic office, the results are amazing!

lauren mackay Avatar
lauren mackay

I’ve been getting treatments on my back for 4 weeks now and have seen an improvement in mobility. Nothing else has worked and I’ve tried everything!!!

Cathy Laurin Avatar
Cathy Laurin

Dr. Natalie Beauchamp is such an excellent chiropractor. She is careful and considerate and works magic with her strength and her activator tool. She has been my Chiropractor since before she opened her office in Orleans. She gives great advice and offers practical suggestions to her patients so that they themselves actively help in their own healing and recovery. I love her book , Hack your Health" . Check out her video on core exercises. She is always my #1 go to Health Professional.

Kate Preston-Thomas Avatar
Kate Preston-Thomas

Dr. Nathalie is the best! I always feel good after a treatment. She answers all my questions and gives me good advice. Dr. Nathalie is dedicated to her work. The staff is polite, smiling, available and do not hesitate to help.Cannot ask for a more professional team!

Gaetane Corriveau Avatar
Gaetane Corriveau

Seeing Dr. Beauchamp has literally changed my life. I’ve gone from 5-6 days with a headache per week to maybe 1 headache a month. I used to take allergy meds 365 days a year, I only take them in ragweed season now (maybe 90 days). My digestion is better as well (did not change my diet at all). Dr. Beauchamp is a super positive, friendly person as is everyone else there. I always look forward to my appointments.

Liz Bradbury Avatar
Liz Bradbury

Dr. Nathalie is the best! I always feel good after a treatment. She answers all my questions and gives me good advice. Dr. Nathalie is dedicated to her work. The staff is polite, smiling, available and do not hesitate to help.
Cannot ask for a more professional team!

A Google User Avatar
A Google User

Very good service and great wellness program

Linda Landry Avatar
Linda Landry