Don’t Let a Stubborn Cold Ruin Your Summer Vacation

You’re probably wondering why I’m covering a topic like Colds in the middle of April. I mean, cold and flu season is behind us, isn’t it? Unfortunately, colds can be caught at any time of the year including the Summer months. Want to avoid a Summer cold this year? Follow these natural tips to keep colds at bay during the warmer months!  avoid-summer-colds-sante-chiropractic

What Causes Colds?

At some point or another we’ve all experienced the dreaded symptoms of a cold –sneezing, scratchy throat, and a runny nose. But what is a cold really? describes a cold as, “a group of symptoms in the upper respiratory tract caused by a large number of different viruses.” Although more than 200 viruses can cause the common cold, the rhinovirus is usually to blame and can be attributed to causing 10% to 40% of all colds.

People catch a cold by touching a person or thing contaminated with cold germs–doorknobs, computer keyboards, utensils—and then touching one’s nose or mouth. That’s why colds can be caught at any time of the year regardless of the weather.

Avoid a Summertime Cold by Following These Tips

1) Don’t stress. Summer is meant to be a time of fun and relaxation but so many of us spend our Summer vacation doing the exact opposite; running from place to place, spending countless hours trying to finish a home project, and worrying about how the kids are going to hold up on the 10 hour car ride to Grandma’s house.  When it comes to health, there isn’t anything more harmful than stress.  Especially when it comes to colds. Stress weakens our immune system, making us more susceptible to colds and illness. To avoid a Summer cold, don’t spread yourself too thin. It’s great to have a few plans or a couple of projects to tackle but give yourself some time to sit out, relax and enjoy the nice weather–your body will thank you for it!

2) Not too hot out? Turn off your Air Conditioner. Air conditioning exposes our body to re-circulated air, which can irritate the lining of our nose, thus breaking down our natural barrier and allowing entry for viruses. Save yourself from a cold and a high electricity bill by turning off your air conditioner when the weather permits. Can’t turn off the AC? Spend some time outside but refrain from doing streneous activity.

3) Stay hydrated. Hot weather causes us to use more fluids than normal, which causes many people to suffer from dehydration. Staying well hydrated is incredibly important as dehydration weakens the body’s ability to fight off infection and will cause Summer colds to linger. Spruce up your water by adding a couple of fresh or frozen fruits!

4) Eat right. Burgers, hot dogs, and beer are a great Summer treat but don’t go overboard. Processed foods and alcohol put stress on our digestive system, weakening the immune system and making colds a possibility. Hosting a BBQ? Be sure to include plenty of fruit and veggie options (dark leafy greens and citrus fruits are just two foods that help fight cold symptoms!)

5) Zzzzzzz! With Summer BBQs, music festivals, camping trips, and other Summer activities on the agenda it can be difficult to stick to a sleep schedule. That being said, getting plenty of rest is crucial in the prevention of colds. In the simplest terms,  sleep deprivation suppresses immune function making catching a cold easier, and getting over one more difficult.

6) Go See a Chiropractor. Colds develop when the immune system is too weak to fight the virus. Meaning,  spinal misalignments (subluxations) are one of the root causes of colds! Unfortunately, subluxations don’t go away on their own. They remain until they are removed. How can subluxations be removed? By seeing a chiropractor. Chiropractors know you deserve MORE than just temporary relief. They find and correct the CAUSE, so you can experience lasting relief of colds!

Did you find this blog helpful? Share it with your family and friends and be sure to leave a comment below! We’d love to know your tips and tricks for keeping Summer colds at bay.

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