Anterior Head Syndrome

Do You Suffer from Anterior Head Syndrome?

Recently more and more cases are being seen where the head is held in a forward position, causing it to put a stress load on the neck and more hazardously the rest of the spine. In a prolonged period of time, this may be the cause of many health issues such as frequent headaches, neck strain, and even reduced blood flow to the brain. In addition, it can add up to thirty pounds of abnormal leverage on the cervical spine.

This specific loss of cervical structure is called Anterior Head Syndrome, and could result in the following: 
• Flattening of the Spinal Curve
• Spinal Degeneration
• Disc Herniation
• Muscle Damage
• Loss of Lung Volume Capacity
• Gastrointestinal Problems
• Onset of Early Arthritis
• Nerve Damage
• Disc Compression
• Spinal Misalignment [/icon-box]

What causes such a severe loss of natural curvature?

There are many traumatic and lifestyle factors affiliated to this condition, as the cervical spine is susceptible to various forces. From the birthing procedure to sports injuries to car accidents, repetitive micro-traumas may have a big impact the overall structure of the spine. However, how is it that this condition is being seen now more than ever before? Unfortunately, this can be associated with poor lifestyle habits, such as a sedentary job, poor posture, and even looking down at your phone! With the increase in popularity of handheld devices, more and more people are suffering the consequences of Anterior Head Syndrome, at a younger age too. Sedentary lifestyles do not help much either. Let us take a more in-depth look at the causes of this condition and what you can do to prevent it

Say goodbye to headaches, neck strain and chronic pain.

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Finally, a solution for Anterior Head Syndrome.

What can be done to prevent this condition from developing? Assuring we have proper set up and posture when we’re seated is a good start, however, sometimes not enough is the curvature loss has already begun. How can a chiropractor help?anterior-head-syndrome

The philosophy behind chiropractic is founded on the premise that a properly functioning nervous system is the basis of health, and that the structural integrity of the spinal column must be maintained in order to simplify optimal nervous system transmission and communication. Stressors can cause misalignments in the spine – called subluxations – that cause interference with nerve impulses. With spinal degeneration and loss of curvature, our nervous system is not able to function at its optimal level. Nearly all spinal problems are caused by some type of mechanical or structural stress; therefore correcting these misalignments restores the body’s abilities to heal itself.
Chiropractors detect or correct subluxations by adjusting the spine to reinstate its normal balance and function which allows the nervous system to send and receive information without interference. This allows the body to maximize its self-healing properties and correct its natural posture. As a result, many of the body’s systems will go back to running smoothly. When it comes to Anterior Head Syndrome, regular chiropractic adjustments can aid in gradually restoring the normal curve, and preventing its adverse effects from occurring.



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